A Romantic, Southern Wedding at The Loom at Cotton Mill Place

Don’t get me wrong, I knew it was coming - but when we were sitting at Gianna‘s and Hudson asked if I wanted to finish watching a Netflix show that night… I thought to myself, “Oh, man!” A few seconds went by and I looked at Him and said, “I’m sorry… I thought you were going to propose….” Hudson replied saying, “Babe, you know I’m going to in 4 years right?” This is a running joke that we’ve had going for almost our entire time dating - that we wouldn’t get engaged for 8 years!

So we headed down the stairs of the restaurant and headed to Starbucks. I looked at Hudson and said, “I think I may cry.” “About the proposal?” Hudson replied. “No, I just love you so much!” A few minutes went by and I just went on and on about how much I loved Hudson - he finally stopped me and said, “I love you too Sara, do you wanna go see the sunset?” So we headed to Up on the Roof and when we got to the top floor, Hudson told me to close my eyes and not open them until he said my name. So, I held Him tightly and made my way outside. When he said my name the whole world stopped. The love of my life, my best friend in the entire world, HUDSON CALDWELL was on his knee asking me to marry Him. And to that, I said, and would say again A BILLION TIMES AGAIN AND AGAIN - YES!!!

We could not have asked for a more perfect summer day for Sara and Hudson’s wedding! Between the elegant green and white florals and the thoughtfully placed gold details, their wedding was thoughtful and timeless. The Loom at Cotton Mill Place was the perfect venue to create a warm, inviting feel for all of their guests – everyone laughed, danced, and joyfully celebrated the two newlyweds all night long!

The ceremony featured a greenery draped cross and scripture references lining the aisle – both gave a very sacred, intimate feel Sara and Hudson were going for. The ceremony itself was overflowing with joy and emotion! It was so evident that every single person in attendance absolutely adored the couple – after reading their vows to each other, there was not a dry eye in the crowd.

Sara and Hudson made it clear to me from the beginning that their family was extremely important to them, so it was no surprise when their reception featured many of their favorite people. Between the thoughtful toasts and emotional dances, I am sure this is a night that none of them will forget! The reception carried on, and with cake in hand, guests danced the night away. 

Overall, Sara and Hudson’s loving personalities were put on display in every part of their wedding! Every part of the day was warm and inviting – every detail intentionally planned to make all of their guests feel welcome. It is so special when a bride and groom put so much thought into loving the people joining them to celebrate their new marriage!


Photographer: Kieran Claire Photography

Venue: The Loom at Cotton Mill Place

Church: Fellowship Greenville

Floral Designer: Tracey Finley

Caterer: Reeves Catering

Wedding Cake: Strossner’s Bakery

DJ: Elevated Party

Bride’s Gown: Wtoo via White Magnolia Bridal Greenville

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Azazie

Hair and Makeup Artist: Kristen Finley

Rentals: Professional Party Rentals

Videographer: Jason Ayers Photo and Video

Anna Guin